12 Signs That Your Job Interview Went Well

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It’s difficult to know exactly how a job interview went, and how you compare to other interviewees in the eyes of the interviewer. But there are a few signs to look out for to give you an idea if the interview went your way. Even if you had a great interview and feel like you knocked it out of the park, make sure to follow-up with the employer after the interview.


  1. Interview went longer than planned

    Hiring managers are busy, and interviews are often scheduled in between other meetings and commitments. If your interview went 30 minutes or longer, and the interviewer asked a lot of in-depth questions about you, then chances are good that they are interested in you for the position.

  2. The interviewer told you what you’d be doing in your new role

    Did the interviewer talk about what you would be doing in your new role? For ex: “in this position you’d be expected to…” as opposed to referring to what the successful candidate would be doing. That’s a good sign they are already envisioning you in the position.

  3. The interviewer introduced you to your potential colleagues or other decision makers

    You know the interview is going well if the interviewer decides to bring in to the interview, or walk around and introduce you to other people in the organization that might be either potential co-workers, or decisions makers. Be sure to use the opportunity to ask questions to get a better idea of what the corporate culture is like.

  4. You were invited to a second interview

    This is the best sign that your interview went well. Keep in mind that they’re most likely also inviting other candidates in for a 2nd interview, so it doesn’t mean you have the job secured yet. Go in with confidence, but also prepare for the next interview just like you did with the first.

  5. You’re asked about other job prospects

    If the interviewer is asking you if you’ve had other interviews and how interested you are in the opportunity, it means they have an interest in hiring you. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be asking those kinds of questions. They’re trying to get an idea for how in demand you are and how quickly they need to move you to the next stage in the hiring process.

  6. Asked for references on the first interview

    If you’re asked for references during the first interview, it’s a sure sign they are interested and looking to move forward in the process. Be prepared with references if requested. Make sure you have asked your references for permission and give them a heads up about the potential call.

  1. The interviewer is selling you on the position and the company

    If the interviewer is spending time selling you on the company culture, highlights of working there, special perks offered to employees and the highlights of the position, that could be a good sign that they are interested you. If they lead in with this during an initial phone call, or right off the bat during the interview before having a chance to get to know you, this could also be a red flag, or just a standard part of their spiel. But if it seems the sales pitch is coming later in the interview, then look at it as a sign of interest.

  2. The interviewer gave your recruiter good feedback

    Sometimes you’ll walk away from an interview not really knowing if it went well or not. One of the benefits of working with a recruiter is that they will provide feedback after the interview, which will then be shared with you. If your recruiter contacts you back with positive feedback then that’s a great sign that the interview went well.

  3. Company culture

    If the interviewer starts talking about the corporate culture, why he or she likes working there, and your fit into the company’s culture, it means they see you as a good fit.

  4. The interviewer invites you to follow up with questions

    It’s standard for interviewers to hand out a business card. If not, make sure you have everyone’s contact information before leaving the interview. However, if the interviewer encourages you to contact them with any follow up questions, or to let them know if you receive another offer, that’s a solid sign the interview went well and they’re interested in talking to you again.

  5. Salary was brought up

    If you’re asked about your current, or expected salary, that indicates they’re evaluating if they can afford you. This type of question will likely not come up unless they have an interest in hiring you. A red flag can however be if you’re currently, or recently worked for a competitor and they’re fishing for information about their competitors.

  6. The interviewer makes next steps clear

    At the end of the interview, if you’re given specific information about next steps and when they expect to make decisions, this is a sign you’re in consideration for the next stage in the hiring process.


Although these signs are not for sure a confirmation that you’ll get called back for a second interview, they are signs that the interview went well. If you’d like to engage with a recruiter here at iMPact Business Group, click the banner below for more information and to submit your resume or visit our job board to view all currently available job opportunities.

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