Job Seekers

Is there a fee for your service?

No.  Clients engage us to find qualified candidates.  There is never a fee to you.

Are all the jobs on the job board active?

Yes. We are currently seeking qualified candidates for all positions currently listed on our job board.

Will you help me with my resume?

We’re not a resume service. If you’re engaged with us for an open position, we will provide recommendations on how to better showcase your marketable skills

How will I know if you received my resume?

When you submit your resume you will receive an immediate email confirmation from us to confirm that your resume has been received. A recruiter will reach out to regarding potential next steps.

I am looking for C2C positions. Can you help?

In some situations we can. Each of our clients has different “rules” around the use of “1099 contractors”. Please submit your resume and we will see how we can help.

If I see multiple jobs of interest, should I apply for each one?

There’s no need to apply for multiple jobs at the same time. Once one of our recruiters receives your resume, you will be considered for all available positions that are a match. If it’s been more than 60 days since you last heard from us, please re-apply.

As a contractor with iMPact, am I eligible for medical benefits and vacation days?

Medical benefits are offered after 90 days of employment. As a W2 employee, no PTO/vacation pay is offered.


How do we engage?

Call us! We will come meet with you to better understand your organization, your processes and your products/services. We want to understand the opening and the types of people that will succeed within your firm.

What is your screening process?

We leverage a behavioral interview process that allows us to understand both technical and strengths as well as cultural alignment to our clients.

How much do you charge?

There is no charge to receive and review candidates. Please contact one of our experienced Account Managers to find out about the fee structure for hiring one of our candidates.

How are your fees charged?

Based on the hired candidates salary.

How do you handle recruiting/representing a candidate that currently works for us?

We don’t recruit from client organizations.

Is there a placement guarantee?


What areas do you recruit?

Our core areas are:

  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Finance/Accounting

We also help in other areas such as HR, marketing. Please contact us to find out more.

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