Find Your Next Career Opportunity [VIDEO]

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 Why Work With iMPact Business Group?

  • Cost
    There are no costs or fees for you to work with iMPact Business Group.
  • Resume review
    We will go over your resume with you to make sure it is optimized for the positions for which you are applying. Prior to an interview, we will also discuss your resume and qualifications with the hiring manager.
  • Interview Coaching & Negotiation
    Prior to an interview with a hiring manager, our recruiters will ...
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[Video] 7 Resume Dos and Don’ts

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  1. Do: Include approximately 5 bullets under each job showing your responsibilities. The bullets should also include your role in any projects, the tools/technology you worked with and any achievements.
    Don’t use the same responsibilities for each job.
  1. Do: According to you should keep your resume at 1-3 pages max. I agree with this! You want to hold the audiences’ attention.
    Don’t: If your employment does not fit on three pages, then ...
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