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Signs Your Job Interview Went Well [Webinar Recording]

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September Job Talk Webinar Recording

In our September Job Talk, iMPact Partner, Matt Peal, shares insights on how to tell if your job interview went well, and what to do if things aren’t going as planned. Topics covered include:

  • Interview going longer than planned
  • Interviewer told YOU what you’d be doing in your new role
  • The interviewer introduced you to your potential colleagues or other decision makers
  • You were invited to a second interview
  • You’re asked about other ...
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How to Address Job Hopping on a Resume [Video]

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In our recruiter video tip this week, iMPact recruiter Casey Coretti shares some advice for job seekers who have had several jobs in a short amount of time, and are appearing as job hoppers to potential employers.

  • Resume
  • Contract jobs
  • Permanent roles
  • Recommendations
  • Company description
  • What’s important to you?


If you’d like to connect with a recruiter about potential job opportunities in Information Technology, Engineering or Accounting/Finance, click the ...

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Job Application Do’s and Don’ts [Recruiter Video Tip]

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Many job applications never make it past an initial review. iMPact’s Doug Koetsier shares insights into what job seekers can do to improve the chances of their application making it further into the application process.

  • Create master list
  • Education
  • References
  • Questions
  • Be positive
  • Re-read and review
  • Job suitability
  • Abbreviations
  • Salary
  • Match resume
  • Job movement

When you’re working with iMPact, one of our recruiters will help you through the application and interview process. View our job board for all available positions or click the ...

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Recruiter Video Tip: How to Get Around Appearing Overqualified on a Resume

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In this short video, iMPact’s Paul Kujawsi discusses how to get around appearing overqualified on a resume.

  • Education: Focus education to job description
  • Experience: Align  with job description
  • Language: Tone down language
  • Cover letter: Include for more detail
  • Long term: Convey your plans to stay
  • Recruiter: Help with hiring process
  • Bored: Relay enthusiasm for the job

If you’d like to connect with one of our recruiters, click the link below to submit your resume.


4 Resume Tips for Job Hoppers

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It’s become more common to change jobs and even careers more frequently than in previous generations when it was common to stay with the same employer for several decades. Even though it’s more acceptable with more frequent job changes, it will still raise a red flag with hiring managers to have too many job changes in a short amount of time. The hiring manager might be worried that you lack commitment, have no patience or that you ...

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4 Things You Should Do When Preparing for an Interview

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In sports, the game can sometimes be won or lost before it even starts. The team that shows up best prepared will have a better chance of winning. The same goes for your job interview. There are several things you can do before the interview to increase your chances of success.

Research the company

Before your interview, make sure you’ve spent time researching the company. Go beyond just glancing through their website. Show them that you have taken ...

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Find Your Next Career Opportunity [VIDEO]

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 Why Work With iMPact Business Group?

  • Cost
    There are no costs or fees for you to work with iMPact Business Group.
  • Resume review
    We will go over your resume with you to make sure it is optimized for the positions for which you are applying. Prior to an interview, we will also discuss your resume and qualifications with the hiring manager.
  • Interview Coaching & Negotiation
    Prior to an interview with a hiring manager, our recruiters will ...
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[Video] 7 Resume Dos and Don’ts

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  1. Do: Include approximately 5 bullets under each job showing your responsibilities. The bullets should also include your role in any projects, the tools/technology you worked with and any achievements.
    Don’t use the same responsibilities for each job.
  1. Do: According to you should keep your resume at 1-3 pages max. I agree with this! You want to hold the audiences’ attention.
    Don’t: If your employment does not fit on three pages, then ...
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