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Recruiter Video Tip: How to Get Around Appearing Overqualified on a Resume

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In this short video, iMPact’s Paul Kujawsi discusses how to get around appearing overqualified on a resume.

  • Education: Focus education to job description
  • Experience: Align  with job description
  • Language: Tone down language
  • Cover letter: Include for more detail
  • Long term: Convey your plans to stay
  • Recruiter: Help with hiring process
  • Bored: Relay enthusiasm for the job

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4 Tips When You Don’t Know How to Answer an Interview Question

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No matter how much stressing you go through before a job interview, there may be questions you are unable to answer. Here are 4 tips on what to do when you don’t know how to answer an interview question.

  1. Stay Calm – I know what you are thinking, “How did I miss this piece in the job description?” Do not panic, stay calm!
  2. If you start to freak out your body will go into stress mode… your blood pressure ...
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