6 Ways for Your Organization to Better Utilize Staffing Agencies

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Working with a staffing agency can be a great partnership opportunity for your organization when you find an agency that understands your business and specializes in the type of positions you’re trying to fill. Organizations use staffing agencies in different ways depending on their needs. Here are 6 ways you may not have considered that a staffing agency can be a great resource to you and your organization.

Benchmark against in-house candidates

If a staffing agency is offering to ...

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How to Choose the Right Staffing Agency to Work With

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If you have identified the need to outsource recruitment because you’re having trouble finding the right people, or turnover is high, and you’ve now made the decision to find a staffing agency. So, how do you go about choosing the right company to work with? There are three basic things you should consider when making your decision:

1. Level of Quality

The first thing you need to look for is some indication of the ...

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