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How to Address Job Hopping on a Resume [Video]

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In our recruiter video tip this week, iMPact recruiter Casey Coretti shares some advice for job seekers who have had several jobs in a short amount of time, and are appearing as job hoppers to potential employers.

  • Resume
  • Contract jobs
  • Permanent roles
  • Recommendations
  • Company description
  • What’s important to you?


If you’d like to connect with a recruiter about potential job opportunities in Information Technology, Engineering or Accounting/Finance, click the ...

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Recruiter Video Tip: How to Get Around Appearing Overqualified on a Resume

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In this short video, iMPact’s Paul Kujawsi discusses how to get around appearing overqualified on a resume.

  • Education: Focus education to job description
  • Experience: Align  with job description
  • Language: Tone down language
  • Cover letter: Include for more detail
  • Long term: Convey your plans to stay
  • Recruiter: Help with hiring process
  • Bored: Relay enthusiasm for the job

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6 Recruiter Resume Pet Peeves

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Recruiters receive hundreds of new resumes every week and only a few make it to consideration for one of their available positions. There are a few things that they encounter on a regular basis that will make a resume get discarded to the no pile more quickly. Here are 6 of the top resume pet peeves among recruiters.


Update and refine your resume. Don’t just add to it.

Your resume is a living document. It should be ...

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Words and Phrases to Avoid on Your Resume

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When looking at your resume, recruiters and hiring managers are trying to get an idea of what kind of experience you have, what you have accomplished in previous job roles, and if you will be a good fit for the position they are trying to fill. With this in mind, it’s important on your resume to clearly describe your work history and avoid vague words and phrases that do nothing but fill up space on your resume.

According ...

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7 Reasons Recruiters Aren’t Finding Your Resume

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When searching for a job, you can use all the help you can get. Working with the right recruiter is a great way to have someone with established relationships advocate your resume to potential employers on your behalf. So, how do you make it easier for recruiters who may have matching job opportunities to find you?

  1. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date.
    If you are looking for a job, you will want to make sure every section ...
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