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How to Address Job Hopping on a Resume [Video]

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In our recruiter video tip this week, iMPact recruiter Casey Coretti shares some advice for job seekers who have had several jobs in a short amount of time, and are appearing as job hoppers to potential employers.

  • Resume
  • Contract jobs
  • Permanent roles
  • Recommendations
  • Company description
  • What’s important to you?


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Recruiter Video Tip: How to Get Around Appearing Overqualified on a Resume

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In this short video, iMPact’s Paul Kujawsi discusses how to get around appearing overqualified on a resume.

  • Education: Focus education to job description
  • Experience: Align  with job description
  • Language: Tone down language
  • Cover letter: Include for more detail
  • Long term: Convey your plans to stay
  • Recruiter: Help with hiring process
  • Bored: Relay enthusiasm for the job

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4 Resume Tips for Job Hoppers

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It’s become more common to change jobs and even careers more frequently than in previous generations when it was common to stay with the same employer for several decades. Even though it’s more acceptable with more frequent job changes, it will still raise a red flag with hiring managers to have too many job changes in a short amount of time. The hiring manager might be worried that you lack commitment, have no patience or that you ...

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