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Interview with the Owner: What Candidates Should Know

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Mike Trewhella is a 25-year veteran of the specialty staffing industry. He formerly served as a Group President of a $1 billion staffing organization and has been an owner of Impact Business Group from its inception 14 years ago.


  1. What makes someone a good candidate for one of iMPact’s job opportunities, and what’s the best way to engage with a recruiter?

    The clients determine the type of candidate that they seek from a technical, personality and communication standpoint. We ...

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Find Your Next Career Opportunity [VIDEO]

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 Why Work With iMPact Business Group?

  • Cost
    There are no costs or fees for you to work with iMPact Business Group.
  • Resume review
    We will go over your resume with you to make sure it is optimized for the positions for which you are applying. Prior to an interview, we will also discuss your resume and qualifications with the hiring manager.
  • Interview Coaching & Negotiation
    Prior to an interview with a hiring manager, our recruiters will ...
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