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Signs Your Job Interview Went Well [Webinar Recording]

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September Job Talk Webinar Recording

In our September Job Talk, iMPact Partner, Matt Peal, shares insights on how to tell if your job interview went well, and what to do if things aren’t going as planned. Topics covered include:

  • Interview going longer than planned
  • Interviewer told YOU what you’d be doing in your new role
  • The interviewer introduced you to your potential colleagues or other decision makers
  • You were invited to a second interview
  • You’re asked about other job prospects
  • Asked for references on the first interview
  • The interviewer is selling you on the position and the company
  • The interviewer gave your recruiter good feedback
  • Company culture
  • The interviewer invites you to follow up with questions
  • Salary was brought up
  • The interviewer makes next steps clear
  • What To Do If The Interview Isn’t Going Your Way?
  • Interview follow-up

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