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Interview with the Owner: What Candidates Should Know

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Mike Trewhella is a 25-year veteran of the specialty staffing industry. He formerly served as a Group President of a $1 billion staffing organization and has been an owner of Impact Business Group from its inception 14 years ago.


  1. What makes someone a good candidate for one of iMPact’s job opportunities, and what’s the best way to engage with a recruiter?

    The clients determine the type of candidate that they seek from a technical, personality and communication standpoint. We align our recruiting efforts to match our clients requirements.

    Additionally, on an objective basis, the best candidates are individuals who have a very good educational background from a quality college/university and a good grade point average. We also look for stability in their career history and a record of achievement and accomplishment. Positive and enthusiastic communication skills are coveted traits in a candidate.

  2. In addition to IT, Engineering and Accounting/Finance, what are some of the other skills and competencies you would like to see candidates highlight in their applications?

    The critical skills and competencies to highlight are your successful and meaningful achievements. Clients look for significant accomplishments and want to understand the candidate’s involvement in driving those impactful successes.

  3. What is iMPact’s process for ensuring that the right candidate is matched up with the right opportunity?

    iMPact’s process is to fully understand the client’s requirements and business culture. We like to visit our client’s locations, so we can understand the environment and see their employees at work. Conversely, we have thorough behavioral discussions with our candidates to understand their career ambitions and the type of work that they thoroughly enjoy. Plus, we learn the type of business culture that they enjoy and where they have thrived in the past.

    We then match the client and candidate that align from a technical, culture and personality standpoint for maximum success.

  4. What differentiates iMPact from other staffing agencies?

    We consider ourselves a Boutique Staffing firm and this means that we have the flexibility and adaptability to meet our client’s and candidate’s needs for mutual success.

    We also enjoy establishing long term business relationships with our clients and candidates which are qualitative and professional. We learn about our clients through frequent exchange via phone discussions and in person meetings.

    We learn about our candidates through behavioral interviewing and through frequent discussions and guidance throughout the hiring process. We want everyone to be happy with the process and outcome.

  5. What do you personally find most rewarding about being in the staffing industry?

    Every day is a new day and staffing is a continual learning process from understanding organizations and their mission and strategy to working with each and every individual candidate who is unique in their own right.

    There is great satisfaction in receiving accolades from clients for a job well done and receiving thanks from a placed candidate who takes a position which has the opportunity to change their life favorably from a career and personal standpoint.

Whether you are with an organization considering working with a staffing agency to help with any of your current or upcoming hiring needs, or a candidate seeking new career opportunities, we’d love to hear from you to see how we can help. Please visit our employers page and drop us a note with your information and one of our account managers will connect with you, or visit our job board to browse all of our currently available job opportunities and apply, or submit your resume for general consideration to connect with a recruiter.

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