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We Asked Our Clients: What Are Your Top Recruiting Challenges for 2018?

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Author: Mike Trewhella, Owner, iMPact Business Group

As we’re approaching the end of the year, we decided to survey our clients to find out if they are looking to hire in the next few months, and what kind of hiring and recruiting challenges they are facing going into 2018. Although there were a few varying answers, they all fit into one of these 4 general areas:

Finding the right candidate for a niche position / industry

The good thing and the bad thing about niche related positions are that there is typically a very small candidate pool. Good because the candidates can be identified more easily with key word searches whether in the active or passive recruiting channels, but bad because they are fewer candidates and more likely than not, they will be passive which will take a substantial recruiting effort and an exceptional opportunity both financially and career-wise to draw these candidates.

Competing for candidates that are in high demand

The supply and demand curve has substantially changed over the last two years in that high demand candidates are receiving great attention from many employers simultaneously. The unfortunate part of this equation is that these candidates understand the current reality by receiving multiple offers in short periods of time. The best guidance to be given is to have a compelling “story” for the individual regarding future career growth, and short and long-term financial gain. If you have these compelling items, then it is critical to consolidate your interview process to improve its quality and timelines to ensure that you will be in the hunt for the talent.

Lack of qualified candidates

There is a perceived lack of candidates in the market. More appropriate is that there is a lack of active candidates which are talented and readily available. Existing employers are doing a better effort of retention by providing challenging work responsibilities and paying market compensation. Thus, the passive candidate pool must be accessed through a variety of recruiting methodologies (referrals, passive recruiting channels etc.). The days of having the opportunity to interview three to five candidates that are top talent have passed. Remember you only need one candidate. The right candidate to have success.

It’s time consuming to fill the positions

It can be time consuming to fill the positions, but many of our clients are reducing the time outstanding of open positions by making their processes more efficient and timely after the short list of candidates is identified. Inevitably, the most difficult positions require an extensive upfront research and sourcing process to identify top talent candidates. Many clients have consolidated interview processes, including adding video teleconferencing versus in person interviews, when team members travel extensively to enhance the candidate experience and to extend offers more quickly for increased success.

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