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Advantages of Taking a Temp Position During Your Job Search

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Whether you’re a recent college grad with no job lined up after graduating, or in between jobs, taking on a temp job while searching for a permanent full-time job comes with many benefits.

  1. Find work quickly
    If you’d like to get back to work sooner than later, taking on a temp job is often a much quicker process than finding a permanent position. You’ll still have to write a resume and cover letter. But by working with a staffing agency, they will help you through the application process, and get you in front of an employer.
  2. Extra income
    Being unemployed can put stress on your finances. Many job seekers will resort to accepting a position that they know they won’t like just to get back to work. Getting a temp job will put money in your pocket while looking for a permanent position that you will enjoy long term.
  3. Prove your skills
    While in a temp role, you will have the opportunity to prove your skills, as well as for both you and the employer to see if you’re a good fit for each other. Many contractors get permanent offers, especially if they’re long term assignments. During the interview, indicate that you’d be open to a permanent position if one were to become available.
  4. Availability
    Being available immediately for temp can give you an advantage over candidates that are working because you can start right away and don’t have to give a two-week notice. With a shortened hiring process for a temp job, you might find yourself back to work sooner than you think.
  5. Flexible schedule
    Are you looking for employment that will allow you to keep other commitments such as family or school? Unlike regular employment, a temp position can offer more flexibility and control over your schedule. You can choose to work in short term, long term or contract to fit it around your schedule.
  6. Gain new skills and experience
    If you’re looking to add more skills and experience to your resume; taking on a temp job, or a few different temp jobs in a row is a great way to do that. You have the opportunity to take on different types of roles in different industries, which can really make your resume stand out when you apply for a full time job.

Waiting around for the right permanent position could drag out longer than you think and you don’t want to kick yourself later for not taking a great temp role! Taking on a temp role can be an excellent strategic career move to position you well for a great permanent position down the road. Submit your resume to us today to connect with a recruiter and find out about available temp and contract job opportunities.


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