6 Ways to Recruit the Ideal Candidate

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Is your organization having trouble finding the right candidates, or enough candidates for your open positions? Here are 6 things to consider to improve the candidate pool for current and future job openings.

Job description

It starts with a well written job description that explains the exact requirements of the job to a potential candidate. Include the key responsibilities of the position. For the interview process, list the top responsibilities and characteristics you will use to screen resumes, and create the questions you want for the interview process. This will give you a better idea of the characteristics of the ideal candidate.


Employee network

Chances are that through personal and social networks, you and your employees are connected to hundreds if not thousands of potential candidates. Use different ways such as company email and other internal announcements to spread information via word of mouth and social media about new positions. In addition, also connect with academic networks. Include some form of incentive for referrals.


Speak at events

A great way to gain exposure and introduce your company to new potential candidates is to speak at different events and meetups. Visit meetup.com to find local events of all kinds that are looking for speakers, or look up larger industry events and contact them to find out if they are in need of a speaker for upcoming events. In addition to being great networking environments, they also provide an excellent opportunity to sell your organization, which is especially important for a smaller or startup organization. Or, if you want to establish yourself as a leader, host your own event.


Association memberships, trade groups and industry contacts

Allow and pay for employees to participate in network and industry groups, conferences and trade shows. Create a list of potential employees from customers, coworkers and friends. Plan on contacting these people regularly with new jobs and job descriptions.


Recruit on your website

In addition to posting job descriptions, make sure you’re using your website to present a message about your organization, how people are valued and what sets your company apart from others in your industry. Make sure your company personality shines through and makes a candidate think “This is the place for me!”. Make sure it is easy for candidates to submit a resume, and to consider future positions.


Social media

Use social sites to network and share information about your organization and available job opportunities. Don’t forget to encourage your employees to do the same. In addition to many of the paid for job board services such as Monster.com, there’s a free alternative on Facebook. On your company page you can create up to 10 new job postings per day. They will be shared not only on your Facebook page, but also on the Facebook jobs page.


There are various different ways to recruit, and some may be more applicable and feasible than others depending on your organization. If you’re currently hiring in the areas of IT, Engineering or Finance & Accounting, reach out to us by clicking the button below and we will share with you at no charge (unless hired) a few of our top candidates that are a match for your openings.

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