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6 Recruiter Resume Pet Peeves

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Recruiters receive hundreds of new resumes every week and only a few make it to consideration for one of their available positions. There are a few things that they encounter on a regular basis that will make a resume get discarded to the no pile more quickly. Here are 6 of the top resume pet peeves among recruiters.


Update and refine your resume. Don’t just add to it.

Your resume is a living document. It should be updated from time to time with new achievements and experiences. You should also review for old information. Office XP might have been the latest and greatest when you originally created your resume, but it just looks outdated now. Make sure your software skills reflect what’s currently being used, or make it more generic such as “Microsoft Office” without mentioning a specific version.


References available upon request

Spelling this out on a resume is not necessary. The hiring manager will request references if needed whether you put that on there or not. If you do get a request for references, make sure you have their permission, and that they know what position you have applied for.


Get to the point

On average, your resume will be looked at for about 6 seconds. That’s the amount of time you have before the reader decides whether to keep reading or move on to the next one. Leave out filler information such as unrelated skills that are not related to the position at hand. Make it easy for the reader to quickly discern how your skillset and experience aligns with the position. Other random information such as hobbies, interests and random tasks you may have performed that are not related to the position should be omitted.


Resume objective

The resume objective needs to be a short and sharp paragraph about who you are, how you got here and where you want to be. A well worded objective can be a game changer for your resume. A generic statement such as “looking for a position where I can utilize my skills” is better left off as it does not tell the reader anything about you or why they should keep reading. Also make sure your objective is directly related to the position you are applying for. Otherwise your objective statement will come off as confusing and lacking attention to detail.


Your resume is your marketing collateral

Make sure that it’s easy on the eyes. It should be easy to read and follow along with the information you’re presenting. This includes using an easy to read font, clean formatting and easy to read language. Remember that the resume is not designed to get you the job, but to catch the employers interest enough to get your foot in the door for an interview.



“I’m a hard worker”, “quick learner” and “go above and beyond” etc. These are great qualities that are expected of all job seekers, but on a job application, they make you sound like everyone else. Talk about your previous accomplishments that will set you apart from other applicants, and describe why you are good fit for the specific position you’re applying for.


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