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5 (More) Helpful Holiday Job Search Tips

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Last year we shared 5 tips for job searching during the holiday season. Although things slow down a bit with people being out of the office, companies are still hiring and posting new jobs, so taking a break from your job search during the holidays is a mistake. Here are 5 additional tips to consider when searching for jobs during the holiday season:


  1. Reach managers directly
    Although many people, including hiring manages and decision makers are out of the office between Christmas and New Year’s, there are also many who are not. With many of the gate keepers out, and managers having fewer meetings on their schedule, this can be a good time to get in touch with people you’re otherwise going to have a hard time connecting with the rest of the year. Use this time to contact decision makers and get in front of them to create new connections.
  2. Holiday events
    Seek out social events where you’ll be able to talk to people. Whether it is a family event or a professional event, make sure you have your career-goals for it ready. You might want to find out if anyone knows someone in any of the companies you’d like to work for, or people in a target industry that you can talk to.
  3. Holiday cards
    If you’re sending out holiday cards, include your personal business card when sending to well-connected friends, and include a line asking for help in your job search. Send a holiday card to anyone you’ve interviewed with and would like to work for. They may have new positions available and sending a card could get you another chance.
  4. Volunteer
    Seek out charity events and opportunities to volunteer for. It’s a great way to network, gain skills and meet other volunteers who can help you as well. If you’re volunteering at an event, see who’s sponsoring it to get an idea for who might be there. Volunteering can also help you gain new skills to add to your resume. If you’re volunteering at an organization, see if there’s an opportunity to volunteer in different departments which will give you an opportunity to introduce yourself to different decision makers.
  5. Part-time, temporary and seasonal jobs
    Many companies might have end of year needs with people being out of the office and projects that need to be completed by the end of the year. Seek out staffing agencies to find out if anything in your field is available. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door and show off your skills to get into consideration for future positions.

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